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Russian band HATESTORM has been conceived in July 2001 with Gruesome (Drums/Lyrics) and Dinahl (Guitars). Two months later, bassist/vocalist Frozen joined the band… First 8 song-demo, "In The Shadow Of The Cross" got recorded in April 2002. A bit later,in December 2002, after new vocalist Underground joined the band, Hatestorm recorded its second demo called "The Absolution Of All Holiness"… Spring 2003, Hatestorm appearswith various European bands on the "Blackmetal Peststurm" compilation cassette, released through Austrian record label PESTTOD. In September, because of various reasons, bassist Frozen left the band and got replaced one month later by Asaradel. In November, the first official release "The Days When Only Hate Has Blossomed", a cassette featuring the best songs from two previous unreleased demos is released through german N.C.U. Records. 2004, still on N.C.U. records, the split cassette with finnish horde HELWULF is released ! September 2005, bassist Asaradel is asked to leave the band… since then, the band remains as a three piece band, vocalist Underground taking the bass job. September 2006, 7 new songs from Hatestorm are gathered to be released as a split CDr with French horde FERA entitled "Disciples Of The Beast" on French DEATHCRUSH Records label. January 2007 -Underground is no longer in band because of a lack of interest & motivation and is replaced in February by Storm. After a couple of successful shows in their homeland & intense rehearsals spent working on new songs, the band has finally unleashed their debut full-length album under the name of "Filth Purity" on Inferno Records in 2008 and also sees the return of Underground in the band. ... expect dirty, satanic & loud as hell Black fuckin'Metal…

Current line-up :

Storm – Bass & Vocals
Gruesome – Drums
Dinahl – Guitars

Discography :

- In The Shadow Of The Cross (Demo 2001)
- The Absolution From All Holiness (Demo 2002)
- Reign Of The Horned (Demo 2003)
- The Days When Only Hate Has Blossomed (NCU Records 2003)
- Total Human Extermination/ Kalmankantaja (NCU Records 2004 - Split w/HELWULF)
- Disciples Of The Beast (DEATHCRUSH records 2006 - Split w/FERA)
- Filth Purity (Full-Length CD - INFERNO Records 2009).

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