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LEGIONS OF WAR are hailing from cold-Sweden and since 2002, year of the band's creation, the four bastards have been playing and developping their very own vision of what one can call "War-Thrash" Metal, mixing influences from early Thrash Metal wave (early Kreator/Sodom) as well as more "blackened" metal bands like Deströyer'666, Gospel Of The Horns and some more like "local" influences from bands like early In Flames, early Soilwork and At The Gates - Ferocity mixed with melody ! LEGIONS OF WAR released their first full-length album on INFERNO Records in 2009 after three self-released demos which all got well acclaimed in the underground circut. After a two-song single ("Riding With The Blitz") in  2011 to keep the fans patient, the band released in 2013 their second effort, "Forced To The Ground", still in the same cold ferocious vein but more aggressive, more mature ! 2015 saw the band recording some new songs, which are actually 5 covers of HEAVY-METAL standards to appear on a maxi-sigle CD-release called "Honour To The Past" to be released in  2016 thru INFERNO Records again !

Current line-up :

Hellwind - Bass 
C. Stalinorgel -  Drums   
Widowreaper - Guitars (lead) 
Zyklon - Vocals, Guitars 

Discography :

Proclamation of War - Demo 2006   
In the Snipers Eye - Demo 2007   
Mission to Kill - Demo 2008   
Towards Death - Full-length 2009   
Riding with the Blitz - Single 2011   
Forced to the Ground - Full-length 2013
Honour To The Past - Maxi-single 2016

Official Video :

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