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At the dawn of the new millenium, four metalheads united to create the loudest music ever to hit the ears of this feeble race called mankind. Within six months they had recorded their debut demo "VÖRGUS is the law", containing 20 songs of pure mind melting metal. Less than a year later, it was time to record the follow-up "The evil dominator", with Mike Wead (King Diamond/Mercyful Fate) as producer. By the end of 2001 VÖRGUS parted with lead singer Oppegaard, due to lack of engagement. In mid 2002 they visited Necromorbus studios for the recording of the third demo "Pure Perkele", taking the VÖRGUS sound to a higher, more brutal level. The vocals were now handled by bassist Nenne Vörgus. By 2004 VÖRGUS had managed to create the perfect synthesis of death/thrash/speed and classic heavy metal riffing. The fourth demo "Vörgusized" was produced by Mike Wead, who also contributed with some lead guitar. The CD contains six new tracks. In 2007 Vörgusized was officially released by mexican labels Executer 666 and Iron blood death corp. This release also contains some bonus tracks from 2002 demo "Pure Perkele". 2009 saw the release of the newt album "Hellfueled Satanic Action" on INFERNO Records and made the band get more recognition from the wordlwide underground scene... 2016.. after a break that saw Nenne V¨¨orgus leaving the band for personal reasons, the band recruited a new member with Belze Bo to take the vacant job and are now ready to release their brand new album "White Trash Hellraisers" on INFERNO Records again ! All members are/have been involved in the extreme underground scene since many years, with bands such as: Deformity, Internal Decay, Serpentine, Shadowsoul, Ad Infinitum, Sorg, The Curse, Satanic Devil Pig, Chainsaw, Pandemonic, Trosskydd.

Current line-up :

Belze Bo - Bass/Vocals
Straight-G - Guitar
Mikke Killalot - Drums

Discography :

Vörgus Is the Law - Demo 2001   
The Evil Dominator - Demo 2002   
Pure Perkele - Demo 2003   
Vörgusized  - Demo 2004
Vörgusized - Full-length CD 2007  
Hellfueled Satanic Action Full-length 2009
White Trash Hellraisers - Full-length 2016

Official Video :

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