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RAMPART is a female fronted heavy metal act from Bulgaria, founded in 2006 and led by the singer Maria Diese. Many worthy musicians gave their contribution in building this fortress of Metal on the Balkans. After 3 full length studio albums and touring in most of the European countries, showing up on different festival stages, RAMPART managed to establish their position as one of the hardest working bands of the genre. In 2009 the band released its debut album "Voice of the Wilderness" via the French label Inferno Records. In 2011 RAMPART recorded an EP “A Tale to Cold”. The band promoted it with a mini-tour in the United Kingdom. RAMPART second studio full length album “War Behest” was released in 2012 by Inferno Records. It is a concept album that is a kind of metal opera in the veins of SAVATAGE. The band promoted it with a tour in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands and France. RAMPART recorded their third album “Conspiracy” in 2013. It is with Bulgarian lyrics and is a special recognition to the fans that supported the band. 400 of their names are included in the booklet of the CD. It was released in the fall of 2013 via Metal Industries. The hard work of RAMPART allowed the band to play in Germany, Greece, Belarus, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Serbia, Turkey, France, and Belgium. RAMPART had the pleasure to share the stage with bands like FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, SCANNER, SUSPERIA, BLAZE BAYLEY, HATE, ARKONA, WITCHBURNER, GODSLAVE, CRIPPER, GUARDIANS OF TIME, PICTURE, WIZARD, LONEWOLF, and many more. RAMPART vocalist Maria was is recruited for the Wagnerian opera metal project “LYRAKA Volume 2”, composed by the American guitar player Andy DiGelsomina. The CD is scheduled for release in 2016. Maria is playing the character of the Queen of the Desert in a song called “Fidei Defensor” with the participation of Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW) and Mark Boals (Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ROYAL HUNT). More infos here: The fourth album of RAMPART „Codex Metalum” was mastered by Arne Lakenmacher (GAMMA RAY, DORO, STORMWARRIOR) at High Gain Studios (Hamburg, Germany). It features 8 tracks full of energy, epic and speed heavy metal, and a bonus track – a cover song of BLIND GUARDIAN.  It will be released on 18 March 2016 on IRON SHIELD Records (Germany). The band will also publish a book called “Apocalypse Over Europe” about their adventures on the tour supported by Wacken Foundation with a bonus CD “Live in the UK” in 2016. In 2015 and 2016 RAMPART are financially supported by WACKEN FOUNDATION for their „United Opus of Apocalypse and Staging Tour” that covers several European countries.

Line Up :

Maria Diese - Vocals
Victor Georgiev - Guitar
Sebastian Agini - Live Guitar
Yavor Despotov - Live Guitar
Alexander Spiridonov - Bass
Jivodar Dimitrov - Drums

Discography :

Warriors - 2008 (Demo)
Voice of the Wilderness - 2009 (Full Length Album, CD)
A Tale to Cold - 2011 (Cassette-Single)
War Behest - 2012 (Full Length Album, CD)
A Tale to Cold - 2012 (EP, CD)
The Abyss - 2012 (Digital Single)
Conspiracy - 2013 (Full Length Album, CD)
Ballade de Bon Conseil - 2014 (Digital Single)
The Metal Code - 2015 (Radio Single)
Codex Metalum - 2016 (Full Length Album, CD)

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