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CRUSHING BLOW are a French five-piece metal band that started in 1997. The band's motivation was to create a refined style of Heavy Metal, evolving around 3 main principles : Melodies, power and emotion. The band's first years were busy trying to complete a stable line-up and CRUSHING BLOW recruited in 2000 singer Audrey and guitarist Ben and definitely made a big step forward in their quest for musical identity. After a long period of intense work, the band released in 2003 their first album entitled "Far Away" made of 10 songs on french record label BRENNUS MUSIC and also in South-America on HAUNTED Records with a different front cover.

The band spent then most of the time playing live-gigs to promote the album and got good responses from various underground medias...

But new line-up changes happened and after a long period, the band finally found a new singer with Valène and a new drummer with Laurent.Time was up to write new material in order to release the follower to "Far Away".

In 2010, CRUSHING BLOW are back with their second album entitled "Cease Fire" and made of 10 songs (+ intro) on INFERNÖ Records ! Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Ben in 2009 at NVStudio, this album definitely transcends everything done by the band before !

"Cease Fire" is made of 10 excellent refined HEAVY METAL jewels that will for sure please all fans of Hi-class melodious Heavy-Metal and bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween and Doro... Expect a crystal-clear production, awesome guitar-parts, crushing rythmicals & impressive female vocals !

Some say CRUSHING BLOW are part of the New Wave Of French Heavy Metal together with great bands like LONEWOLF, DESILLUSION, EVIL ONE, RESISTANCE, HÜRLEMENT.... They surely CANNOT be wrong and "Cease Fire" is gonna prove this !

Current line-up :

Gérald Krist - Bass 
Laurent Degremont - Drums   
Benjamin Truelle - Guitars 
Guillaume Stamm - Guitars   
Valène De Santis - Vocals 

Discography :

Far Away - Full-length 2003   
Cease Fire - Full-length 2010

Official Video :

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