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BUTCHER is an 'all original' old-school style Metal band based in the southwestern deserts outside of Tucson, Arizona. Heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, and Alice Cooper, along with many of the N.W.O.B.H.M. groups from the early to mid ‘80s. BUTCHER combines those influences to form their own unique, original and powerful “mechanized sledgehammer” sound.

Originally formed in 1990, and continuing through a stunningly murky path to the present, BUTCHER has released two full-length albums to date. Their debut album, “IRON TIGER”, was released in 1996 with 14 tracks of raw power, sinister dark melodies and battlefield anthems. The album remains memorable for containing the ever-popular "I Am You" and "Knight Of The Wulf" as well as the title track; "Iron Tiger". Their second disc, entitled “WELCOME TO THE NIGHT", was released in late 2010. The new album boasts a totally original ‘radio dramatization’ depicting an initial nuclear strike at the onset of World War III as a buildup to their disturbingly apocalyptic rocker “Shockwave”, followed by the sorrowful ballad; “Silence”. This segment of the album is very reminiscent of the original Orson Welles “War Of The Worlds” broadcast of 1938, and also incorporates BONUS MATERIAL by the groups original forerunner lineup from 1986.

The BUTCHER style of Metal has remained true and pure in the face of all the modern Rock/Metal trends and fads due to their UNCOMPROMISING “don't-give-a-fuck" attitude toward the music business and the corporate bullshit. Love them or hate them, BUTCHER plays their own brand of Heavy Metal on their own terms.

Current line-up :

Stoneage - Bass, Vocals 
Zakk Reitgarde - Drums 
Joel Myers - Guitars (lead), Vocals 
Lil Tang - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion Effects

Discography :

Iron Tiger - Full-length 1996 
Welcome to the Night - Full-length 2010

Official Video :

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