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was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2005 by guitarist Linnea Landstedt and singer Paloma Estrada. They wanted to create a band to take the listeners back to the 80's early heavy metal sound. The hunting for other members started immediately and soon they had a full line-up where Stefan Thylander became the bassplayer. After some weeks of rehearsing they recorded 3 songs in a local studio and those were put on the first demo they did. In the end of 2006 Paloma left the band and Linnea was chosen to be the new singer. With the new kind of singing style, more unclean than before and heavy metal high-pitched screams the sound changed a lot. They wrote more songs, played them fast and aggressive and the sound of old school metal was taking form.

In January 2008 TYRANEX recorded the demo “Blade of The Sacrificer”. The release made people around the world interested in the band. They got great responses and the demo was sold out in 252 copies. Later the same year they decided to bring in one more guitar, Martin Zettmar joined us.

The rest of the year and the new year of 2009 became a period for the band when they played live. They had a lot of shows in Stockholm but also in other cities of Sweden. They got their first gig abroad – Göttingen, Germany and later they played in Helsinki, Finland too. During this period they also recorded their next demo “The Evil has Arrived”, which was released in April 2009.

Though everything had gone great for the band, the rest of 2009 was a hard time for TYRANEX as they suddenly stood there without a drummer. Things were proceeding slowly and it was not until March 2010 they had found a replacer. Johannes Lindström became the new drummer of TYRANEX.

In April the band signed a record contract with Infernö Records and the planning of recording the debut album got started. 6 months later Martin decided to leave the band but helped us finishing the album.

As a three-piece band again the band goes on with their plans to make TYRANEX a worldwide known name that people can associate with great old school metal. They are ready for the world !

2011 saw the band's first release "Extermination Has Begun" made of 9 songs - One could say TYRANEX play EVIL THRASH METAL, equally influenced by the likes of old DESTRUCTION/old SLAYER for the raw & aggressive approach of the style and also by bands like SENTINEL BEAST, early TESTAMENT for the heavier, technical & melodious side... the Extermination has just begun... The album got excellent feedbacks from the underground medias and then the band got opportunities to play outside of Sweden - they ruined some venues in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France !

TYRANEX released in 2014 a second album entitled "Unable To Tame" on swedish label Black Lodge...

Current line-up :

Linnea Landstedt - Guitars & Vocals
Nino Vukovic - Guitars 
Majsan Lindberg - Bass  
Pontus Pettersson-Gull - Drums


Discography :

Demo  - 2006   
Blade of the Sacrificer - Demo 2008
The Evil Has Arrived - Demo 
Extermination Has Begun - Full-length 2011
Unable to Tame - Full-length 2014


Official Video :  

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TYRANEX website

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