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With a classic speeding metal rifferama, AXECUTER came to contribute to keep alive the OLD heavy metal way, among the sea of musical mess that haunts nowadays the “metal” scene. Here, no core, nu, goth, industrial, alternative or any kind of modern sonority, ONLY pure headbanging metal to break your neck and damage your ears !!!

AXECUTER got formed in the city of Curitiba, Brasil in 2010 around Baphometal (Drums), T-Basstard (Bass) and Danmented (Vocals/Guitars) and hit the underground scene first with their "Banger Prevails" cassette-single in 2011 thru INFERNÖ Records ! Made of three songs, this release will rapidly spread the bandname among die-hard metal maniacs worldwide - with influences from Accept, Razor, Venom, Exciter.. it was clear one had now to count on AXECUTER ! Following the succesful first steps, AXECUTER kept its metal hot and released in 2012 a 7"EP called "Innocence Is No excuse" (with artwork that made reference to the mighty SAXON !) thru DYING VICTIMS Productions.

2013 saw the release of their first full-length release thru INFERNÖ Records again ! Made of 9 songs, AXECUTER showed the world its capicity in performing pure & true-to-the bone HEAVY METAL ! The songs of "Metal Is Invincible" are all way better, more mature, heavier & louder than everything they did before ! Released first on CD & Cassette thru INFERNÖ Records, the album was later released on vinyl thru ANGER OF METAL Records.. To be noticed the CD version includes a brilliant cover of "Heavy Metal To The World" originally performed by MANILLA ROAD, on which Mark SHELTON himself takes part on guitars !

2014 saw the release of two 7"EPs, "Raise The Axe" on Mindscrape Music (inc. a Venom cover) and "The Axecuter" on VSF Records as well as a compilation entitled "Anthology" gathering B-sides & covers on RISING Records.

Finally, after some line-up changes, Danmented (Vocals/Guitars) remains the only original member of the band, since T-Basstard (Bass) left in 2012 and Baphometal (Drums) in  2015.... replaced now by Rascal (Bass) and Vigo (Drums)...

Current line-up :

Rascal : Bass  
Vigo : Drums 
Danmented : Guitars, Vocals 

Discography :

Bangers Prevail - Demo 2011   
Innocence Is Our Excuse - EP 2012   
Metal Is Invincible - Full-length 2013
Anthology - Compilation 2014   
Raise the Axe - EP 2014   
The Axecuter - EP 2014   
From Hell Comes the Storm of the Axecuter - Split 2015   

Official Video :

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