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The initial idea for RAZORWYRE was conceived by Chris Calavrias and James Murray in 2008, whom both had a strong desire to write and perform heavy metal music in the true style of the 1980's. Though ideas were discussed, and initial materialwas written, it wasn't until later when the project began to come to fruition. Through partying at the notorious Lorne Street practice space, the two guitarists met like-minded individuals who shared the passion for traditional forms of metal music. Drummer Nick was recruited first, followed by bassist Simon, and then the line up was completed with the addition of vocalist Z Chylde. RAZORWYRE began playing in early 2009 under the banner 'GAYWYRE' and promptly set about spreading beer fuelled mayhem and true, traditional heavy metal throughout hometown Wellington, and laying waste to the cities of New Zealand. Gathering a reputation for an aggressive, thrashing blend of '80s inspired heavy metal, and an energetic, raucous party-atmosphere live show, the band soon began to assemble loyal following. With things progressing and the band's reputation growing, coupled with the development of a harder-edged sound developing, The 'Wyre decided a new name was needed - in order to reflect the changing nature of their speed metal assault. A joint decision was made by an excited band to rebrand the project RAZORWYRE, in April, 2010, which captured the violent, thrashing tone of the music. RAZORWYRE are preparing to set about a new campaign of complete heavy metal annihilation on the cities of New Zealand, and beyond ! The band released later its first 5-song demo that got incredible responses from the medias worldwide and was re-released as a cassette-single on french label INFERNÖ Records in July 2011, helping the band to get more recognition among the underground worldwide metal scene ! INFERNÖ Records offered them a record deal for their first album shortly after the cassette release.. and today, this first album is a fact ! "Another Dimension" is a soon-to-be classic album of the heavy-speed-thrash metal genre ! With 11 brand new songs mould in the traditional 80's style, RAZORWYRE will for sure conquer alot more fans around the world and to tell the truth... it only just begins... the band has an enormous potential and nothing will stop them to conquer the world now ! You're warned !!!

Current line-up :

Nick Oakes - Drums  
Chris Calavrias - Guitars   
James Murray - Guitars   
Z Chylde - Vocals 
Dave Hampton - Bass  

Discography :

Coming Out - EP 2010  
Another Dimension - Full-length 2012

Official Video :  

Links :

RAZORWYRE on Facebook

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