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Elisa Over, after the split from White Skull, starts searching for members in order to found her own band, called SPIDKILZ. At the end of august all the members have joined the band, rehearsals and composition of the new songs get started, and the project is ready to strafe!
After a change of the bass player, due tu tecnical reasons, in january the band enters the rehearsal room to put the finishing touches to the first songs. In april Spidkilz records the "Ultra Demo" in 5 days: a demo CD with 5 tracks to present its musical project, that will be published on may, 4th. During the same month the band plays its first live shows.



  • Francesco Musumeci - guitar/backing vocals
  • Alessandro Pantalisse - guitar
  • Elisa "Over" De Palma - vocals/acoustic guitar
  • Michele Barillaro - bass
  • Mattia Rubino - drums/backing vocals


  • "BALANCE OF TERROR" 2013. CD - Label: LA Riot Survivor Records. Colour booklet 16 pages.
  • "THE ULTRA DEMO" 2011. CD - Autoproducted
  • "THE ULTRA DEMO" 2011. MC - Label: Infernö Records. Pressed to 100 copies, with lyrics inside

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