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ELVENSTORM were founded in 2008 in Grenoble/France and after two albums and now a mini-CD have undoubtly become one of the leaders of the new french Heavy-Metal generation : Devoted to the roots of real & uncompromised Heavy Metal from the 80's ! After a brilliant promising frist album in 2011, "Of Rage & War", the band unleashed their fury across France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and other european countries - by playing many shows & festivals ! More recently in 2014, the band released their second album "Blood Leads To Glory" & proved the world their abilities in performing catchy, speedy, heavy songs - and got excellent reviews from the underground circut ! One year later, the band entered the studio to record two brand new songs that are today released as a mini-CD including two cover-songs (SLAYER & HEAVEN'S GATE) under the name "Soulreaper"! The band confirm their abilities in delivering that "80's teutonic" influenced style in the veins of early Helloween, Grave Digger, Running Wild and are now ready to conquer the stages here & there in the next months !!!

Current line-up :

Laura Ferreux - Vocals
Felix Börner - Drums
Michael Hellström - Guitar
Florent Brunet-Manquat - Bass Guitar 

Discography :

Storm 'Em All - Demo 2010   
Of Rage and War -  Full-length 2011 
Blood Leads to Glory - Full-length 2014  
Soulreaper - EP 2015

Official Video :

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