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LADY BEAST got formed in Pittsburgh, PA/USA in 2009.Musically, the band draws from early NWOBHM influences (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Diamond Head, etc) as well as staples in every metal fan's library (Motörhead, Dio, etc).  The band also has a strong connection with the DIY (Do It Yourself) work ethic, and community of punk rock.  The band released in 2013 their first album simply entitled "Lady Beast" on INFERNO Records (after they have it self-produced on vinyl one year before) and played many shows in the USA, while getting alot more attention in Europe from the underground medias. Two years later, the band is back with a second album, simply entitled "Lady Beast 2" which brinsg more mature compositions always catchy, kicking & HEAVY as Hell ! Lady Beast have played everything from big stages with national acts to basement shows with friends.  Look for them in your town supporting their new album, Lady Beast II.

Current line-up :

Deborah Levine - Vocals
Andy Ramage - Lead Guitar
Chris "Twiz" Tritschler - Rhythm Guitar
Adam Ramage - Drums
Greg Colaizzi - Bass Guitar

Discography :

Lady Beast I - Full-length 2013
Lady beast II - Full-length 2015  
Metal Immortal - EP 2016

Official Video :

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LADY BEAST on Facebook

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