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True heavy metal, as it's meant to be, seems to be the base where conversations about forming a band began as far back as 2006-2007. Things remained silent until 2011 when Witchfyre started working with the line-up of L. O'Witchfield (Balmog, Banished from Inferno, Marthyrium) and G.G. Andrews (Dantalion) on guitars, P.G. War (ex-Dantalion) on bass and J. Thundervil (Dantalion, Empty, ex-Mydgard) on drums. The new formed band spent the entire 2012 writing songs and searching for the perfect individual to fill the vocalist spot. After checking some candidates, Emi Metal (ex-Ardegan, ex-Trial) joins the line-up, lending his talents to the first songs that the band has already written. Finally, in early 2013, Witchfyre hit the studio to record their first work, which saw the light of day in November as the "Banshee" 7” EP through Discos MeCagoEnDios (Körgull the Exterminator, Maniac, Skull Bastards,...). Early 2014 is also the date chosen by renowned French label Infernö Records to release Witchfyre's first mcd and tape, under the title of "Legends, Rites and Witchraft". The band is currently writing new songs and preparing their first live assaults. Beware of the Witch !

Current line-up :

Emi Metal - Vocals
L. O’Witchfield - Guitars
G.G. Andrews - Guitar
PG War : Bass J.
Thundervil : Drums   

Discography :

Banshee - Ep 2013
Legends, Rites & Witchcraft - MCD 2014

Links :

WITCHFYRE on Facebook

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