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TORMENTRESS is an all-girl band from Singapore, formed back in 2006. The line-up went finally stable in 2011 around Aniz (Bass), Gwen (Guitars), Tuty (Drums), Mas (Guitars) and Neez (Vocals) Musically the band is inspired by old-school Thrash bands like Kreator, Sepultura, Sodom, Detente, Destruction, Holy Moses... expect RAW & staight-in-your-face Thrash metal here ! "Break The Barrier" was the band's first demo in 2008, including three songs,that allowed the band to get known thru the local scene first but also internationally ! Only one year after, in 2009 the band released a MCD called "Thrashing Disorder" thru SICK CHAINSAWS Records (a label based in Thailand) that helped the band to get more known abroad with a better distribution worldwide ! German label NECROMANCER Records released "Thrashing Disorder" on a limited 7"EP picture-disc edition (400 copies) that went quickly SOLD-OUT !! Finally almost 6 years after, the band returns with their first full-length album on french record label INFERNO Records and is ready to BLAST you with their new songs (note one of them is a cover of KREATOR's classic "Tormentor"), still in the old-school THRASH METAL style, but more ferocious, more intense, faster, rawer ! You're warned, these girls are gonna kick your ass ! The OPERATION TORMENT has just begun and you're the victim !

Current line-up :

Aniz - Bass   
Gwen - Guitars 
Neezie - Vocals 
Tutiee - Drums
Massie  Guitars 

Discography :

Break the Barrier - Demo 2008   
Thrashing Disorder - EP 2009
Operation Torment - Full-length 2014

Official Video :  

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