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PRIME EVIL is an old-school extreme Metal band hailing from New York who came up in the  Death/Thrash ranks of the mid 80’s. They released 3 demos from 1987 to 1990 which back in the days got them a solid reputation in the underground scene. In 1992 the ‘Terminal Dementia’ blood red 7 inch is released with Rage Records, which landed on CMJ’s Loud 100 Chart in June. In 1994 PRIME EVIL released 2 songs on a compilation CD called "History Of Things To Come" and in 2002 released ‘Unearthed’, a compilation of their demos and rare recordings on a full length CD with Battlezone Records. After a brief hiatus, they reformed in 2010, and released the  ‘EVILUTION’ Ep in 2012 with INFERNO Records; touring and playing live shows incessantly. 2015 is FINALLY the year of PRIME EVIL's first ever full-length studio album ! 'BLOOD CURSE RESURRECTION" is made of 10 songs that will take you back to the golden years of the Metal scene when Death & Thrash metal ruled the game ! Vicious, Evil, Dark, Aggressive - you won't get out safe !

Current line-up :

Mike Usifer - Guitars 
Andy Eichhorn - Vocals 
Billy Wassweiler - Drums
Rob Broderick - Bass

Discography :

Prime Evil - Demo 1987   
The Manifestation - Demo 1988   
Industry - Demo 1990   
Terminal Dementia - Single 1992   
Unearthed - Compilation 2002   
Evilution - EP 2012
Blood Curse Resurrection - Full-length 2015

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