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Phrenetix is a Thrash metal band from Lithuania, distinguishing themselves with traditional thrash metal riffing, odd composition style, melodic solos and traditional, harsh female vocals.

Phrenetix formed in 2013. After experiencing the deaths of two members from previous thrash metal act State of Ruin, remaining members Lina (Guitar/Vocals) and Jonas (Drums) continued their work with a new band name Phrenetix and alongside two new members Tomas (Guitar) and Daumantas (Bass), who were all inspired by classic Thrash metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal and modern metal acts.

Phrenetix recorded their DEMO in Vilnius, in 2013, consisting of 5 songs - ’Muddy Tale‘, ’Art of Jail‘, ’Posera‘, ’Do or Die‘, ’Unconscious Game‘ and started gigging clubs in Lithuania.

By the year 2014, the band started gigging in major and minor Lithunian festivals. After the departure of Tomas, the band found a new guitarist with Paulius. The band continued to appear in club shows and major lithuanian festivals like ‘Kilkim Zaibu‘.

In 2014, the band was contacted French independant label INFERNO Records, and started to record their debut album "Fear", which includes 3 new songs ’Time to Act‘, ’Ruined by Ambition‘ and ’Piece of Lie‘ and re-recorded studio quality versions of 5 previous songs from the Demo.

In 2015, the label re-released Phrenetix 2013 Demo, entitled "State of Ruin" to memorate the previous deceased members. The band was recognized as a potentially successful thrash metal act in another major Lithuanian festival ’Devilstone‘. The label and the band are now unleashing Phrenetix debut album "Fear" and the members are still dedicated to music, studying and writing new material to continue gigging outside Lithuania.

Phrenetix‘s music is inspired by classic thrash metal acts (Anthrax, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Toxik) and NWOBHM (Satan, Diamond Head). The band keeps the thrash principal of speed and aggression, but with an unique taste of Phrenetix - odd composition style, old-school riffing and more melodic-like solos. The main appeal are harsh, female vocals of the bands front-woman Lina, which gives the music the vibe of classic, high pitched vocals of the 80‘s metal scene.

Current line-up :

Daumantas : Bass   
Jonas : Drums 
Lina : Guitars, Vocals 
Paulius : Guitars

Discography :

Demo (2013)
State Of Ruin  (2015) (re-release of the 2013 demo on pro-cassette)
Fear (Album - 2015)

Official Video :

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PHRENETIX on Facebook

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