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In the summer of 2002, CROSSFIRE took revelation from the heavy metal God : "The time has come, You must conquer the world as the preacher of HEAVY METAL !!" His fate was sealed ! He then started searching for mem- bers that really love HEAVY METAL. At first he asked SWORDMASTER to play with. He accepted this offer willin- gly. Then they gathered other members and started the band as a tribute band of Canadian heavy metal legend EXCITER. After only one gig , they began to make some original REAL HEAVY METAL tunes. Both CROSSFIRE & SWORDMASTER started to search for members. In spring of 2003 , DRAGONBLASTER & NIGHTMARE joined the band. Then THE HOUNDS OF METAL named "HELLHOUND" roared the new born cry !! January 2004 , they recorded 5 songs for their 1st mini album "WELCOME TO METAL ZONE" And they played their 1st gig. All Japanese heavy metal maniacs got crazy about the songs & performance created by the band. HELLHOUND proved that everybody wants REAL HEAVY METAL ! After the gig , NIGHTMARE left the band. Soon LUCIFER'S HERITAGE joined and they started the "WELCOME TO METAL ZONE" tour all over Japan. In 2005, they started working on new material for their 1st full-length album. After 365 days and nights, they came back from those work and started recording the first full-length album entitled "TOKYO FLYING V MASSACRE" ! The album was released through Black-listed Records on 6th day of June, 2006. …666 !!! Right after the Japa- nese release, the HOUNDS signed with Majestic Rock in the U.K. and the album got great acclaims from metal- heads all over the world, especially from Europe. After the release of their 1st album, they toured all over Japan for a year & a half and got known worldwide for their performances, sharp as knives, crazy like maniacs. They then got an offer to appear live at one of the most famous Heavy Metal Festival of the planet - KEEP IT TRUE 11 in Germany ! In March 2008, they started recording the new album and finished all the sessions in July. The new album entitled "METAL FIRE FROM HELL" was out in Japan on September 9th, 2008. At the same timing, they confirmed their additional gig in France and started the tour in Japan, prior to their appearances in Germany and France. The band made a hell of a show at KEEP IT TRUE, leaving the metal maniacs CRAZY ! They simply were ONE of the best bands of the festival !!! They also did a tremendous appearance the day after in France - The very first EUROPEAN appearance of the HOUNDS is a real SUCCESS !!! Needless to say the HOUNDS gained a lot of new fans in Europe !!! 6 months after the release of "METAL FIRE FROM HELL" in Japan, this is the turn for Europe (through INFERNO Records) and North America (Through PLANET METAL Records) to see the new album available on their grounds !!! Be prepared for this HEAVY METAL Madness, the thunder comes from the east once again !!! The time has come !!!This is the triumphant return of the HEAVY METAL BEAST !!!

Current line-up :

Crossfire : Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Lucifer’s Heritage : Lead Guitar
Blackwind  : Bass
Dragonblaster : Drums

Discography :

Welcome to Metal Zone EP 2004
Tokyo Flying V Massacre Full-length 2006
Metal Fire from Hell Full-length 2008
Live in Germany - Too Loud! Too Rough!! So What!? Video 2010   
Let Metal Rule the World Full-length 2011


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