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"In 1987 we had the idea to form a genuine Heavy Metal Band, when Werner (Kerscher) and me were watching Overkill on their first European appearance.“ Timo Zach mentions this with a little teardrop in his eye remembering the gloy days of Heavy Metal back in the eighties. “The only thing we’d know was that a guitar had six strings and maybe we’d know how to tune it”, Werner says and he adds: “But we didn’t give a damn as long as it was loud and heavy!” The first line-up was completed by Stephan Moro on the drums and Alfons Klostermaier on bass guitar, who also were real die-hard-metal-lunatics. The band did their very first show in a small club in Bogen in Bavaria, where the entire locations seemed to burst at its seams. Approximately 150 maniacs turned the club into a complete madhouse with lots of stagediving and banging going on. Werner decided to put aside the guitar in order to be able to focus more on his singing. At that point Karl-Heinz Semmelband joined the band, who had great impact on what one could call the typical Deja Vu-Sound at that time. In 1990 the band recorded their first two-track-single “Back To The City”, which was limited to 500 copies and which is really hard to find these days. After a few changes in the line-up (Tom Riedhammer replaced Alfons Klostermaier on bass and Franz Schöniger played lead guitar) and numerous gigs Deja Vu were disbanded due to motivational reasons. Stephan Moro explains with a certain sadness in his voice: “There was no perspective anymore. Furthermore it was difficult to find suitable locations for gigs. Heavy Metal was dead as can be!”

But in Winter 2000 Werner, Timo and Stephan ignited their Heavy Metal flame again. Wolpo Wohlhaupter, a well known guy from the “old days” joined the band on bass guitar. In the beginning Déjà vu only performed their older songs, before they realized that it was about time to write new material. The following gigs were so highly acclaimed so that the old and new fans demanded to have the Déjà vu-Songs when and whereever they wanted to. So the band decided to produce the Bullets-To-Spare-CD in Summer 2005.

After numerous live appearances as support for bands like Grave Digger, Blitzkrieg, Tankard, Vicious Rumors, Rage, Zed Yago, etc. and a load of songs they conquered the studio again in 2007 hammering in the forthcoming album “Decibel Disease”, which has rocketed them to Karthago’s most successful band. Inside and outside of Germany the critics agreed that this album was a fine piece of metal and definitely a step forward being able to even top the outstanding debut.

Déjà vu proofed to be one of the truest metal bands around playing the opening slot at the Keep-It-True-Festival 2009 in Germany with the likes of Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden, Tyrant, Abattoir, Living Death, Exumer and others. The people went crazy and it was no wonder seeing persons coming from South America, Greece, Spain,etc. singing not only along with the chorus but with the entire lyrics, banging their heads and raising their fists in the air during the Déjà vu performance. A great moment for the band.

The following years Deja Vu remained a vital anchor within Germany's Heavy Metal scene playing numerous shows with opening for popular bands such as Testament, Venom, Ektomorf, Sacred Steel, Vicious Rumors, Asphyx – just to name a few.

The year 2016 sees the band releasing their third official album “Ejected”. Expect fine riffing and screaming Heavy Metal at its best !

Current line-up :

Stephan Moro - Drums  
Werner Kerscher - Guitars & Vocals
Timo Zach - Guitars
Wolpo Wohlhaupter - Bass

Discography :

Bullets to Spare - Full-length 2006   
Decibel Disease - Full-length 2008
Ejected - Full-length 2016

Official Video :

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