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- Guitarist/Vocalist Andy Charrocker in his own words -
"Hexenizer is the result of many experiencies in the rock scene. Its basic motivation is the power of the music, the electrical impact. The music is the result of our deep feeling for the darkest unconscious energies that fracture our minds. It is fierce, it´s a cellular revolution, it is transformative. It takes us to the most intense experience of ourselves. It´s the result of our passion for the basic archaic impulses that have survived all the ages and civilizations. This is beyond cultural influences. This archaic attraction for the ocult, the rituals in relation to nature and its sorceress, powerful sexual force that governs all, like in the ancient mysteries of creation. Our music expands this power everywhere. I'm addicted to Hexenizer. And like a musical junky, I need this sound to keep on breathing. Hexenizer is the best drug ever. During rehearsals I bring back to life the ecstatic pleasure from the moment I start playing my guitar, a limited edition of the 90´s. It inspires respect and reverence to the true rock spirit of that generation. It´s like entering the state where lust, drugs and music blend together in a magical ritual. And that ritual, that drug is Hexenizer´s powerful attraction. Nothing can substitute this delirous journey into the musical resonance of Hexenizer. Many years have passed since 1997 when we had this vision. Many players have been with us. We´ve had many names. Our basic influences are Alex Massi, Ratt, Carrion, Ripper, Charlie Montana, Coroner, Angel Dust, Rush and Malmsteem… but the fusion is ours, it is our trademark. It is until now that a mayor product will be known by the public. We are gratefull to all, especially to Alex Massi - he changed my life - We have lived through so many changes that now we can offer this material to the rock scene."

Current line-up :

Andy Charrocker - Guitars & Vocals .
Tom S. - Bass, Chorus. 
Andy Schädel - Session Drummer.

Discography :

Witches Mentors Cult - Full-length - 2016

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