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Booze Control were founded in Braunschweig, Germany in September of 2009 and their mission was clear : play the kind of Heavy Metal they grew up with, a kind of Metal almost extinct these days. Straight forward, old school, in the tradition of Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Warlord and early Helloween.
When the band was founded, the date for their first gig was already set. Preperations are hasty at best. Nonetheless, the line-up of David Kuri (vocals/guitar), Jendrik Seiler (guitar), Steffen Kurth (bass) and Lauritz Jilge (drums) is an instant hit. Under these circumstances, the almost six weeks of time are more than enough to write and learn enough songs to play shows and release the first EP "Wanted" just one month later in October 2009.
Thanks to a strong local scene the band managed to play a steady stream of shows and refine their musical identity, until in April 2011 their first full length release "Don't Touch While Running" is released. Don't Touch „takes the listener back to the good old days from the first second onward” (
December 13, 2013 marks the release of the band's first studio release, boldly titled "Heavy Metal", which was well received by critics and fans alike. As such, 2014 was dominated by promotion and negotiations with agencies and labels. After getting in contact with local label Kernkraftritter Records and French Infernö Records, Booze Control recorded their second studio outing "The Lizard Rider", to be released via Infernö Records in April 2016.

Current line-up :
David Kuri - Vocals & Guitar
Jendrik Seiler - Guitar
Steffen Kurth - Bass
Lauritz Jilge - Drums    

Discography :
Wanted - EP 2009
Don't Touch While Running - full-length 2011
Heavy Metal - full-length 2013
The Lizard Rider - full-length 2016

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