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come from Pictavia, France and play Black Metal, the one from the 80's. Their name is taken from a Count of Pictavia in the IXth and Xth centuries, named Ebles Manzer "the Bastard". Their music is always served with a bigger than life dose of Rock'n'Roll and straightforward attitude. Such bands as Motörhead, Venom, Bathory and Impaled Nazarene could be called their influences, but Manzer has a unique character of its own.
"Boundless" is a good way to describe Manzer's attitude. While some of their songs deal with the eternal glory of sex, drinks and Metal - others are deeply inspired by the ancient culture of the Pictones (a tribe that used to live in their region, before it became a part of what is nowadays known as "France"), which these Pictavian bastards are so proud of. From that region also comes Manzer's mascot Ebalus - the donkey that appears on the covers of all of their releases, as well as their tour flyers and every piece of merchandise. They also have songs written in Parlanjhe, Pictavia's local and ancestral language.
Few are the bands that use their time as effectively and produce as many releases with exclusive recordings as Manzer do. Since their debut demo cassette "Pictavian Bastards" saw the dark of the night, they released 5 7"EP's (including splits with Sabbat (Japan), Abigail (Japan), Godslaying Hellblast (Turkey)) a full length album, 4 live albums and various cover songs contributions for compilation releases.
Just like the label "Legion Of Death Records" (which belongs to the band’s drummer/vocalist Shaxul) concentrates on talented and uncompromising bands from the most unexpected places on the planet, Manzer consistently tour in places that the vast majority of bands don't dare to explore. Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal and Israel are already a part of Pictavian donkey's conquests diary !
Manzer's "coming soon" list of releases is never empty either - and we're - at INFERNO Records - honoured that the band asked us to release a cassette version of their new album "Beyond The Iron Portal" ! Note the cassette version includes an exclusive bonus-song which is "Wasted Years" -  a cover of Iron Maiden" !

Current line-up :

Fëarann - Bass, Backing Vocals 
Shaxul - Drums, Vocals 
Hylde - Guitars

Discography :

Pictavian Bastards - Demo 2010   
Pictavian Invasion in Paris - Live album 2010   
Pictavian Samurais - Split 2010   
Pictavian Kara Metal - Split 2011   
Orgy and Profanity - EP 2011   
Pictavian Invasion in Asia - Live album 2012   
Long Live Metal- Live album 2013   
Light of the Wreckers - Full-length 2013
Pictavian Demonslaught - Split 2013   
Pictavian Invasion in Malaysia - Live album 2013   
Mausén Nàu - EP 2013   
Pictavian Invasion in Israel - Live album 2014   
Pictavian Chronicles - Volume 1 - Compilation 2015   
Pictavian Invasion in India & Nepal - Live album 2015   
Pictavian Serigala - Split 2015   
Beyond the Iron Portal - Full-length 2016

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MANZER website

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