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STEEL INFERNO is a female fronted heavy metal band.
The band is from Copenhagen and is bringing together members from France, Poland and Denmark.
They all originate from different musical backgrounds but all share the love for metal.
The band plays metal inspired by early 80s speed and heavy metal with classic beats and daring riffs combined with an almost punkish
expression. STEEL INFERNO is smackintheface energetic and will make you grab that air guitar like your life depended on it.
STEEL INFERNO has played shows with CAULDRON, RANGER, NIGHT VIPER, ENCYRCLE and SAVAGE MACHINE just to name a few.
The band has released a demo and 7” and is now releasing their debut album. The album has been mixed and mastered by Lasse Ballade (SLÆGT, HALSHUG and SOLBRUD).

Current line-up :
Karen Collatz - Vocals
Lars Lyndorff - Guitars
Patrick Mantzouridis - Guitars
Thierry Zubritovsky - Bass
Krzysztof Baran - Drums

Discography :
Demo 2014 - cassette 2014
Arcade Warrior - 7” single 2014
Aestethetics of Decay - full length 2016

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