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JENNER are four girls that rip in to that old school speed metal, they put their fellow male counterparts to shame. The two demo songs that have been released are so irresistible as they are reminiscent of the cult bands like Agent Steel mixed with Anthrax, Overkill and Exodus!" says  - so now you're warned and know JENNER are not another crappy gothic-symphonic band :-) What they play is METAL - TRUE to the BONE, and they mix with brio what HEAVY and THRASH METAL at their best can bring !!!

JENNER is the ONLY all female speed metal band in the region of Belgrade, Serbia.

Formed in December 2013 with the goal of following their influences (Judas Priest, Warlock, Grim Reaper) playing in packed out clubs to the Belgrade audience, they realized they had something very special to offer. After spending more time together and acquiring their guitarist Aleksandra Stamenković, they took on a more ferocious and faster sound in the likes of Anthrax, Overkill, Exodus, Agent Steel and looked up to their fellow Serbian thrash friends Space Eater, Alitor, Deadly Mosh for further influences.

Today - after a brilliant 2-song demo, they are delivering their first full-length album "To Live Is To suffer" !


Current Line-up :

Anđelina Mitić - vocals
Aleksandra Stamenković - guitar
Mina Petrović - bass guitar
Marija Dragićević - drums


Discography :
- Official Demo - 2015
- To Live Is To Suffer - Full-length 2017

Official Video : 

Links :
JENNER on Facebook