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MANDRAGORA is a Traditional Heavy Metal band hailing from Nuevo Chimbote City in north Peru/South America. 
The band was formed back in 2007 by bassist Jorge Mandragora with the arrivals of Pablo Campana (guitar), Fatima Natthammer (Female vocalist) and Beto 
Alpiscueta (drums). Quickly the band started to develop their own style & compose their own original songs with influences from classic Heavy-Metal & NWOBHM sounds and also started playing live in their hometown in local Pubs and Bars like “El Bucanero”, “Dinosaurios”, but also found other stages to burn in the country. In 2010 - after guitarist Herman Roll joined the band - MANDRAGORA recorded its first demo called "Steel Metal" with the help (as producerà) of 
COBRA's guitarist Nito. That demo was then released to 500 copies on colombian label Hellhoundz Records but also on peruvian label Capricorn Records as a 
limited cassette edition to 150 copies.
More live-appearances followed then.. sharing stages with bands like DOMINUS PRAELII, APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, CAUCHEMAR, COBRA, PENTAGRAM (Chi), ENFORCER, SATAN....
2013 saw the band entering the studios again to record two new songs for a 7"EP to be released on INKAS NOIZE Records in 2014 - that EP got excellent feedbacks from the underground medias & public and in the next weeks (after the band shared the stage with german Metal Queen DORO), the band inked a deal with french record label INFERNO Records. 
Today the band delivers its best effort to date - the first full-length album "Waves Of Steel" which shows a more mature band with an even bigger potential 
now ! Get Ready !!
Line-up :
Fátima Natthammer: Vocals
Jorge Mandrágora: Bass
Herman Roll: Lead Guitars
Paulo Roquett: Rhythm Guitars
Abel Ríos: Drums
Discography :
Steel Metal - Demo 2010  
First Attack - EP 2014  
Steel Metal Attack - Compilation 2015
WAves Of Steel - Album 2017

Official Video :

Links :

Mandragora on Facebook