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SACRAL NIGHT was brought to life in 2013 by Amphycion - after a few years of underground destruction with NECROWRETCH - when he decided to let his blackest imaginary express itself to bring you into a world of putrefaction, procession to death, sectarianism in a medieval horror.. 
"Darkness Process" - the first curse to be unleash upon mankind in 2017 through INFERNO Records features vocalist Antoine Volat (Electric Shock), guitarist Mick Hellstrom (Lonewolf / Elvenstorm), drummer Morkk and bassist Amphycion (Sanctuaire / Necrowretch)
SACRAL NIGHT played its first show in June 2017 with finnish RANGER.Feel now the Funeral Quest... Prepare to see your flesh putrefied under the cold moonlight.. 
Line-up :
Antoine Volat - Vocals
Mick Hellstrom - Guitars
Amphycion - BAss
Morkk - Drums
Discography :
- "Darkness Process" MCD 2017

Promo-video : 
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