Sleazer was founded in late 2011 and now proposes a Heavy Metal music influenced by mid 80’s and early 90’s bands like Iron Maiden, Savatage, Running Wild, Savage Grace, Dokken, Judas Priest, W.A.S.P. and early Blind Guardian ; so in a old school style between Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Hair Metal , winking at the new “traditional” Heavy Metal bands like Skull Fist, Enforcer, Striker and Cauldron.
The band starts whit many live gigs in the surrounding area, where they played cover songs that, as time went on, were replaced whit their own songs written in the meantime, and in January 2014 Sleazer played their songs on stage of “Boulevard Rock Club” of Misano Adriatico (RN) opening Vision Divine; songs that will form the tracklist of their fisrt demo “Heroes of Disgrace”.
In Summer 2014 Sleazer takes part of “Run to the Hills Festival” in Servigliano (AP), sharing the stage whit Skanners, The Raff, Axevyper, Battle Ram, Interceptor, Bothers; and they received a good audience.
In August, Sleazer won the first prize at live contest for emerging bands “Rockitelli Festival”
The first self-produced demo tape “Heroes of Disgrace”, out in October 2014, is composed by 5 tracks which represent the music path of the band with the first songs composed at the beginning and the last ones closing the tracklist; after this there have been many gigs where Sleazer played the demo and other new songs, whit good audience respons in the Italian underground scene, and selling all the 150 copies of the demo.
During the 2015 and 2016 the band had many shows in Italy, and open for band such as Cobra (Perù), Violentor , Sabotage, Ancillotti, Revenge (Ita), Sign of the Jackal, Sabotage, Folk Stone, Scala Mercalli; then Sleazer take part of a contest for emerging bands in Senigallia (AN) and winning it.
2017 sees the band joining INFERNÖ Records roster and their debut album "Fall Into Disgrace" will be released in February ! Stay tuned !

Current line-up :
Andrea Vecchiotti - Vocas
Edoardo Artibani - Guitars 
Clemente Cattalani - Guitars 
Diego Sbriscia - Bass 
Amedeo Paolini - Drums 
Discography :
Heroes Of Disgrace - Demo 2014
Fall Into Disgrace - Full-length 2017
Links :
SLEAZER on Facebook

SLEAZER (Ita) "Fall Into Disgrace" CD 2017

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