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Manufacturer: HELLFÖRCED Records
Blackened power-crust-metal punk !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: Self-prod
Old-school Thrash metal - includes a SEPULTURA cover-song !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: HEAVY STEEL Records
Finally, “Civic Nightmares”, the 2nd full release of the germans REZET is out on tape, ready to blow your head off. Expect great thrash/speed metal with an attitude that breathes the pure thrash metal spirit of the early 1980ies, the way it's meant to be! REZET combines raging and technicaly experienced thrash metal without any limits, with catchy tunes that should become real anthems one day!!!
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: HEAVY STEEL Records
REZET is a four member outfit from Germany and their love for banging Thrash music is undisputed; fast riffs with the original and raw attitude of metal the way it's meant to be! REZET combines classical tunes with their own interpretation of technical high skilled old school speed/thrash metal without any limits! Join their furious rush in eight parts plus 2 bonus with this piece of analogic cult.
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: ROOTS ACTIVE Records
Japanese furious Thrash Metal !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: BLEED Records (France)
Filthiest, ugliest & most putrid DEATH METAL ! For fans of ASPHYX, early OBITUARY...
EUR 4.99
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