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Manufacturer: WITCHHAMMER Productions
Apocalyptic Thrash/Metal Punk/Crust ! KILLER !
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: POLYMORPHE Records (France)
Brasilian Death-Thrash Bulldozer ! For fans of Slayer, Sodom, Sepultura !
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: SADE Records
Compilation - originally released in 1996. Heavy-Metal
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: POISON TONGUE Records
Aussie Blackened THRASH ! Raw, savage.. KILLER !!
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: RED RIVET Records
Melodious Power Metal - sung in spanish ! Special Japan edition CD !
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: HELLS HEADBANGERS Records
Aussie Blackened "Atomic" Metal !
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: ARKHAM CHRONICLES Productions
Posthumous release from this hellish, trend-crushing australian Black / Thrash Metal force featuring all their demos, EP's and official live tape with killer cover versions of cult acts such as TYRUS, ARMOURED ANGEL, MOTORHEAD, W.A.R. and UNPURE!. For fans of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM, HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH, ORDER FROM CHAOS, CELTIC FROST...
EUR 9.99
Manufacturer: INFERNO Records
Heavy-Metal ! Pounding & Loud ! For all die-hard metal maniacs ONLY !!!
EUR 5.99
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