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Manufacturer: SLANEY Records
Awesome Horror Death-Metal ! For all into Necrophagia, Exmortis, Nunslaughter, Cianide, Deceased... Must-have !
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: REPLICA Records
Melodic Progressive Metal/Shred.
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: BRENNUS Music
The 2008 live album by french Heavy-Metak Legend KILLERS !
EUR 8.99
Manufacturer: STEEL LEGACY Records
Prepare yourselves for the ultimate epic power metal assault. KING'S RANSOM hail from San Antonio, Texas. The band features ex-WYZARD member John Anthony Alvarado and released the hyper rare "Curators of the Realm" cassette in 1989. Almost 20 years later,
EUR 11.99
Manufacturer: ARMEE DE LA MORT Records
Debut album from this new french Heavy-Metal band, a very good & promising release !!!! For all into Iron Maiden, Judas Priest...
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: X-TREEM Music
One of the most raw, evil & grim albums released in a long time!! This is the real sound of the true old school blackened Thrash Metal blending elements from SODOM, MORBID, early BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, early VOIVOD, DARKTHRONE, BULLDOZER... Get ready for wa
EUR 9.99
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