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Manufacturer: WITCHES BREW Records
Old-school Crossover Thrash ! Awesome ! For fans of DRI, SOD, Crumbsuckers, Cryptic Slaughter...
EUR 7.99
Manufacturer: PRC Music
D-beat Punk/Crust/Metal. For all into Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom.
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: MY GRAVEYARD Productions
Heavy Metal Rock'n'Roll - for fans of Airbourne, Motorhead !
EUR 7.99
Manufacturer: SLEASZY RIDERS Records
Hard Rock'N'Roll ! Massive & powerful !
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: DARK HORIZON Records
Bombasitic Raw Blasting Black Metal !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: VIOLENT JOURNEY Records
BRAND NEW Album ! Kick ass THRASH ! Raging & Heavy !
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: MAD PROPHET Records
Dirty stoner rock - for all into Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Monster Magnet, Kyuss...
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: HELLFÖRCED Records
Killer debut album of this new Evil Metal Punk outfit !
EUR 8.99
Manufacturer: SLEASZY RIDERS Records
Classy melodious HEAVY METAL with Doomy touches !
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: DO OR DIE Records
Old-school Black Metal for fans of early Samael/Beherit.
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: PUNISHMENT 18 Records
Raw obscure nihilistic Thrash Metal ! Straight In Your face !
EUR 7.99
Manufacturer: EVIL SPELL Records
Early KREATOR/SODOM worship ! Total Evil THRASH METAL !
EUR 9.99
Manufacturer: METAL MASTER Records (Italy)
Thrash Metal for fans of ealy Kreator, Sodom, early Holy Moses - straight in your face !
EUR 9.99
Manufacturer: DENIM & LEATHER Records
Intense Thrash-Metal/Crossover ! DRI, SACRED REICH, SOD, NUCLEAR ASSAULT fans, this is for you !
EUR 6.99
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