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Manufacturer: EVIL SPELL Records
German Black/Thrash ! No compromise !
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: BLEED Records (France)
Brutal, vicious, ferocious DEATH METAL ! For fans of IMMOLATION, early MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE.
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: D.U.K.E. Productions
Vicious Black Metal for all into IMPALED NAZARENE, DARK FUNERAL !
EUR 1.99
Manufacturer: METAL AGE Productions
Street Metal Punk - for fans of Motörhead, Discharge...
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: SONIC AGE Records
Neoclassical Metal/Shred from Greece.
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: HEAVEN AND HELL Records
TRUE fuckin' HEAVY METAL !!!!
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: SONIC AGE Records
US Epic Heavy-Metal.
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: PUNISHMENT 18 Records
Technical THRASH METAL for fans of Megadeth, Flotsam & Jetsam, Death Angel.. kick ass debut album !!
EUR 6.99
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