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Manufacturer: GADIR Records
Another treasure unearthed by GADIR Records ! HEAVY METAL from the mid-80's ! Brilliant !
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: METAL SOLDIERS Records
Brasilian Aggressive Thrash Metal ! One of the oldest brasilian bands around, formed back in 1981 !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: INFERNO Records
Set for April 23th, 2017 - Do NOT miss the new version of TENTATION's highly acclaimed debut release, enriched with 3 bonus-songs ! French HEAVY METAL (w/french lyrics) at its best for all fans of Sortilège, Adx, Malediction, H-Bomb.. they hold HIGH the flag of 80's FRENCH Heavy-Metal !!!
EUR 7.99
Manufacturer: KILLER METAL Records
Old-school Thrash Metal in the vein of early Metallica/Exodus.
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: TOPILLO Records (Spain)
Debut CD of this incredible epic doom metal band from England !!! If you like Warning, Revelation, or Mirror of Deception, you will like this !
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: UNDYING Music
CLASSIC Thrash Metal in the veins of early Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Heathen..
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: INFERNO Records
The long debut album by all-girl THRASH metal band TORMENTRESS from Singapore finally out ! For fans of old-school THRASH à la early Sodom, early Kreator, early Sepultura ! AMAZING
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: NON NOBIS Productions
Catchy Hard-Rocking HEAVY METAL ! For fans of Priest, Guns, AC/DC, Motorhead !
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: SG Records
Thrash Metal
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: GO FUCK YOURSELF Productions
Mindblowing mix of Death & Thrash Metal with PUNK attitude ! Angry & aggressive as fuck !! For fans of Entombed, Nihilist, Death Breath, Venom, Motörhead...
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: GATES OF HELL Records (Italy)
Obscure - unpolished Traditional Heavy Metal.
EUR 6.99
Manufacturer: ARKHAM CHRONICLES Productions
Pre-HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH ! Obscure Thrash Metal
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: SKOL Records
NWOBHM Classic Single from 1985 ! Official CD replica of the original single !
EUR 7.99
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