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Manufacturer: SWORDS & CHAINS Records
Superb old-school HEAVY-METAL influenced by the like of IRON MAIDEN, SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST !!! For all fans of SKULL FIST, ENFORCER, CAULDRON... Sung in Swedish .. This KICKS ASS !!!
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: STILLBORN SOUNDS Records
German Black/Thrash Metal.
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: EVIL SPELL Records
German old-school Black/Thrash - for all into early SODOM, KREATOR, BATHORY, VENOM.
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: Self-prod
Old-school Obscure Heavy-Metal ! For fans of Angel Witch, Axe Witch, Heavy Load, Stormwitch, Oz, Grim Reaper to name a few !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: SHIVER Records
Dark Heavy/Speed Metal
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: METAL ÖR DIE Records
Compilation of early works (2004 - 2014) - Finnish old-school Heavy-Metal !
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: MY GRAVEYARD Productions
NWOBHM influenced Metal - kick ass !!!!
EUR 9.99
Manufacturer: PRC Music
Old-school "swedish" Death Metal. For early NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, CARNAGE fans !
EUR 4.99
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