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Manufacturer: Self-prod
Old-school Obscure Heavy-Metal ! For fans of Angel Witch, Axe Witch, Heavy Load, Stormwitch, Oz, Grim Reaper to name a few !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: SHIVER Records
Dark Heavy/Speed Metal
EUR 3.99
Manufacturer: METAL ÖR DIE Records
Compilation of early works (2004 - 2014) - Finnish old-school Heavy-Metal !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: MY GRAVEYARD Productions
NWOBHM influenced Metal - kick ass !!!!
EUR 4.99
Manufacturer: PRC Music
Old-school "swedish" Death Metal. For early NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, CARNAGE fans !
EUR 2.99
Manufacturer: EVIL DOMAIN Productions (Ecuador)
80's style female fronted HEAVY METAL in the vein of Blacklace, Hellion, Bitch, Black Knight... KILLER !!!! Digipack re-release with bonus songs !
EUR 5.99
Manufacturer: POLYMORPHE Records (France)
Brutal yet technical DEATH-METAL - dealing with Aztec culture and mythology...
EUR 5.99
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