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ÄSS (Usa) "Work Sucks - Speed Krusher" CD

- from PRC Music website -
"This band is absolutely crushing! Sounding like its coming straight out of the mid 80's, ASS will drill a hole into your skull and inject you with the most addictive crossover thrash you ever thought existed in these days and age... Take this band 30 years back and they would be as big as fucking DRI... Absolutely awesome, catchy and amazingly well played! We, at PRC MUSIC, are trilled to be working with such an astonishing band! You MUST get this CD if you're into bands such as the kings D.R.I., IRON REAGAN, INEPSY and TOXIC HOLOCAUST... Simply put, ASS is from Texas and this shit rules!"


Manufacturer: PRC Music
Price: EUR 4.99
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