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ARGUS (Usa) "Beyond The Martyrs" CD 2013

THE OBELISK.NET - ALBUM OF THE DAY “Beyond the Martyrs finds a progressive balance between metal and doom that moves fluidly to cast its own personality somewhere between the two.. their most memorable studio release to date”

SACRED METAL : Perfect, naturally sounding guitar solos, twin guitar leads so great you could cry and Butch Balichs best singing performance to date: This band who is holding high the flag of traditional metal finally deserves more attention!!

THE GRIM TOWER: 9/10 “If you like your heavy metal to have the right amount of melody, structure and crunch then you certainly can't go wrong with Argus. “

METAL SQUADRON.COM “one of the most unique metal acts of today’s scene, mixing doom, a bit of seventies heavy rock and lots of traditional metal with ease and class. “

ROCK HARD DE: "Auf der Basis purer Leidenschaft und Hingabe ... acht Hymnen ergreifender Musik..."

METAL-TEMPLE.COM “ A feast for the US Metal enthusiast”


Manufacturer: CRUZ DEL SUR Records
Price: EUR 9.99
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH