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BROKEN BONES (Uk) "Fuck You & All..." CD


7th album from this true legend from the UK Crossover Punk Metal history!! Formed back in '83 by two ex-DISCHARGE members, this angry album is a lesson for all the lame shit that nowadays is being released as Hardcore Punk. Includes 4 bonus tracks !!

Voices from the Darkside Wbz (ger) - October 2010
Nat Shapiro
Every so often an album comes along that is so pleasing, so destructive, so powerful, it becomes impossible to overstate how great they are. BROKEN BONES, ladies and germs, is oldschool to the bone. This is thrashing, D-beat, Hardcore Punk, strictly not for wimps. Certainly nothing the average BEHEMOTH fan would appreciate. Expect everything you love from timeless classic albums by bands such as DEATH STRIKE, MASTER, MASSACRE, HELLSHOCK and DAMNATION. This review is necessarily short because all I need to say is said. If you don't like this you are woefully unequipped to last long in the real Metal world. The underground lives.

Manufacturer: X-TREEM Music
Price: EUR 7.99
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