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DEAD KOSMONAUT (Swe) "Expect Nothing" CD 2017

- from TPL Records website - 
"There’s something in the water in Sweden. Something that makes the Swedish bands have a sound, a vision and an approach that is unique, as well as interesting. Dead Kosmonaut is bursting out on the scene, a fresh band and their debut album, but with a collective experience far beyond the initial appearance. “Expect Nothing”, released March 24th 2017, and it impresses with its quintessential metal sound, that nods respectfully to classic bands such as Dio/Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Candlemass but has its own direction and vision. The album features, amongst others, Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Firespawn), Per Broddesson (ex Wolverine, ex Year of the Goat), vocal sensation Pelle Gustafsson and chief songwriter Mattias Reinholdsson. Guest vocalist on the last track “Grey Hole” is none other than Johan Langqvist, original vocalist for Candlemass and responsible for vocal duties on their now classic debut album “Epicus Metallicus Doomicus”. Dead Kosmonaut has caused quite a stir in their native Sweden, with features in both Close-Up Magazine as well as Sweden Rock Magazine."

Manufacturer: TPL Records (Sweden)
Price: EUR 8.99
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