ELIMINATOR (Uk) "We Rule The Night" MCD


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ELIMINATOR are a five-piece outfit haling from England and this EP "We Rule The Night" is their first release... OK, at first I thought it was a re-release from an obscure 80's english band that never got the success during the NWOBHM era - but damn, I'm wrong, this is a NEW release from a NEW band ! Huh, look at the artwork ? So minimalist, it looks like coming straight from the 80's ! And the sound - so minimalist too - raw & SO far from the nowadays "super-productions" ! Those guys really want to bring the old-days BACK and when i listen to the 5 songs of this EP, I'm convinced they completed their mission ! Musically, it's all in the old and good early Iron Maiden, Angelwitch, Jaguar, Diamond head, Blitzkrieg vein... really catchy, with fast parts mixed with slower ones, nice catchy clear vocals mixing aggressiveness with melody, great twin-guitar parts, galloping bass ones and hammering drums... Ok, that's not orignal at all, I guess all has been done and re-done in the NWOBHM style but that's SO great & authentic, it deserves your support !! Catch this EP if you want to have GREAT time ! VERY VERY GOOD !!!

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Manufacturer: THE FORGE Records
Price: EUR 5.99
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH


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