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EVIL FORCE (Par) "Banging On The Pentagram" CD 2016

- from WITCHES BREW Website - 

""You already know these guys from our brewtiful split 7" with PYÖVELI that came out in November, now we’re offering up a huge portion of Thrashing Speed Metal made in Paraguay on this, their second full length, following the superb “Ancient Spores” debut! 8 tracks of a no compromise, all out riff massacre of burning steel and oldschool speed Thrashing! Get your spikes and leather on, it’s time to Thrash the EVIL FORCE way, furious and raw! Highly recommended for fans of RAZOR, SACRIFICE or the lesser known but still killer, MACE!"

Manufacturer: WITCHES BREW Records
Price: EUR 8.99
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH