2nd opus of this bizarre Thrash/Black war machine from Spain. Superior in every sense to their already killer debut, this is the real sound of fucking evil and raw Axe Thrash!! Think of SODOM, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, very early VOIVOD, DARKTHRONE, BULLDOZER…

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Rock Hard Magazine (ger) - October 2010
Fenriz [9/10]
They continue their massive attack, but this time only their "Kingdom of Darkness II" track has anything to do with the 90's.

- YES my friends, Körgull has finally taken the big plunge into the 80's, this most definately being for fans of Merciless "The Awakening", 3 first VOIVOD albums and last but not least that golden steamhammer LP version of OBSESSED BY CRUELTY (Sodom). It's still the same perfect necro wonderful drumming, the beyond Lemmy growling bass and a wall of delightfully sepulchral guitars.

The vocals are out of this world this time, they float on top of the music in a weird way - and are so harsh, perfectly effective in their sheer DEADNESS that I have to say that these are probably the best Black Metal vocals RIGHT NOW.

If anything, the album is too LONG (!), the onslaught is really TOO massive, and they could have saved the ROAD KILLER song for a vinyl 7" release. Then again, their version of the Plasmatics DOOM SONG totally blows me away, vocals bestially insanely cool here, I am at a loss for words. And i don't really even like cover songs. But this one is worth every penny.

Manufacturer: X-TREEM Music
Price: EUR 9.99
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