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MACABRA (Bel/Usa) "To The Bone" lim. ed. CD 2016

Comes with six cards w/exclusive artworks !

Let the reviews do the talking !

"Excellent! Like the adage would say, a Dan Seagrave cover painting couldn't lie; and thereby for its new offering the Belgian/American combo put the level very high. Associating the nostalgia of old school death metal to a certain melodic research recalling the first NOCTURNUS albums, " the Bone" is a catchy album, varied, and very immersive. Twenty years earlier, Earache would have killed to have released this one!" — Metallian Magazine
"In my opinion, MACABRA are a great-sounding atmospheric death metal band; if you are a fan of this musical genre you should check out this album." — True Bringer of Death Magazine
"The album is really good, it is very contagious, nasty, pulled from the deepest grave. I'm fascinated by the atmosphere, calm and balanced-sounding in each song." — Deadly Storm
"Most of the songs of " the Bone" are melodic, pounding, and epic; it grows with each listening session." — Franconia Metallum
Manufacturer: VONFROST Records
Price: EUR 9.99
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