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- TENTATION "Tentation" CD 
- JENNER "To Live Is To Suffer" CD
- SLEAZER "Fall Into Disgrace" CD
- DEATH POWER "Return of the Bogeyman" DCD
- MUTILATED "In Memoriam" DCD
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Black shirts - Two sided - 11.99 € + postage .
Available as Men sizes (S, M, L, XL & XXL) and as GIRLY (S,M, L, XL) - get yours !!
We're about to re-release the debut mini-album by TENTATION that went QUICKLY SOLD-OUT when released in 2015 !!!

This new version will come with a slightly different artwork, as jewel-case edition, enriched with THREE bonus-songs (2 demo versions & 1 unreleased song recorded live) !

DON'T MISS this chance to get this new pressing as we're very confident it'll be quickly SOLD-OUT too !!!

This is French HEAVY-METAL (w/french lyrics) at its best for all fans of Sortilège, Adx, Malediction, H-Bomb ... 

You can now PRE-ORDER the limited edition (100 Cassettes) CASSETTE version of JENNER's debut album "To Live Is To suffer" !

All pre-orders will be shipped from March 6th, 2017 - BE QUICK OR BE DEAD !!! 

SLEAZER (Ita) "Fall Into Disgrace" CD out NOW !!

This is now reality !

SLEAZER's debut album "Fall Into Disgrace" OUT NOW !!! 

Kick ass Heavy-Metal in the veins of Enforcer, Skull Fist, Axxion, Cauldron ! 
"Sleazer is a Fantastic band out of Italy and I have to admit, that until I was asked to review the band’s latest CD called  “Fall Into Disgrace”, I had never heard of them. I listened to the entire album containing 10 tracks and I must tell you that none of the present compositions on here disappoint ! (95/100)" METAL TO INFINITY Webzine 

This is NOW reality !

JENNER's debut album "To Live Is To Suffer" is NOW OUT !!! 

This first & stunning debut album got so far an incredible amount of positive reviews throughout the worldwide underground medias

"Overall, fast and furious, aggressive and addictive, Jenner have delivered an exceptional album of top notch, head bangingly infectious speed/thrash metal" - METALGODSTV.COM

Release date is set for Feb 20th,  2017 !
you can pre-order now and be sure to be among the first people around to listen to the new releases of the album !!

TIme for us to announce you the second band to join the label this year... This time, this is an all-male band (yes, yesterday it was an all-girl one - JENNER from Serbia) called SLEAZER - coming from Italy !!! Founded in 2011, the band has since worked very hard and now can be considered as one of the most interesting bands to emerge from the undergound scene ! After a first demo, they established them as a serious outsider in the battle of traditional Heavy-Metal defenders together with bands like Enforcer, Skull Fist, Cauldron... One song ("Fall Again") can be listened now, this will give you an idea of how HARD they're gonna rock you once the album "Fall Into Disgrace" will be out !!!

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