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We're THRILLED to announce the new band to join the INFERNO RECORDS roster .. They're coming from Japan, they're named SIGNIFICANT POINT and play incredible Traditional HEAVY METAL in the veins of Loudness, Accept, MSG, Iron Maiden, Saxon... 

French Heavy Metal defenders TENTATION have just released a new video - for a new song called "Shaman" to be released on an upcoming 7"EP  thru LA FIN DU MONDE (new label & division of VOLUME BRUTAL).... 

French darkness purveyors SACRAL NIGHT finally unleash their debut official video for the song "Witness Of Death" !!!! Their unique blend of dark, heavy, death, black METAL will bring you in the deepest & darkest dimensions of our world...

The wait is OVER !!! 
Peruvian Metal Heroes now unleash their first full length album "Waves Of Steel"  upon mankind !!! 
You can order it now !

The wait is OVER !!!
DRACENA now unleashes its new album "Cursed To The Night"  upon mankind !!! 
You can order it now !

The wait is OVER !!! SACRAL NIGHT now unleashes its first release "Darkness Process" MCD upon mankind !!! 
You can order it now !

French darkness purveyors SACRAL NIGHT announces pre-orders for upcoming mini-album & unleashes album cover and track list for "Darkness Process" to be released on CD on INFERNO Records - Set for October 30th 2017.

Track listing :
01. Darkness Process
02. Fullmoon Creep Sacrifice
03. When The Coven Is Opening The Pit
04. Under The Moonlight
05. Witness of Death