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Horns Up Metal Motherfuckers !!! This is the DAY of the BEASTS !!!!

NYC re-unleashes its most venomous poison !

PRIME EVIL is B.A.C.K. !!! The Beast from NYC's underground metal circut returns with a vengeance !

RAMPART has finished the recording sessions of their new project ‘War Behest’. The album is being mixed and will be released by Inferno Records in 2012. ‘War Behest’ is a metal opera (Just have in mind bands like SAVATAGE and no goth/atmospheric trendy bands, ok ??)

Ladies & Gentlemen.. Coming from the pits of Brasilian Hell, Please welcome the new band to join the INFERNO Records roster : CLENCHED FIST !

The band got formed in 2000 in Sao Paulo and released three years later its first demo called "Into The Fire" and five years later their debut album called "Tribute To The Brave Ones" on Marquee Records !

This is the Call Of Steel !!!

Forged in the Teutonic Steel's purest tradition, ELVENSTORM delivers with this first album a real masterpiece ofr hi-class TRUE HEAVY-METAL !

We are really PROUD to say it LOUD :

French Metal Warriors ELVENSTORM have joined the INFERNÖ Records family !

Groove ? Core ? Modern influences ??? Absolutely NOT !!! Just pure headbanging Metal to break your neck and damage your ears ! AXECUTER was created for incurable headbangers that live Metal in their daily lives ! That’s what you’ll find here, that’s what this band is all about !

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