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The wait is OVER ! The first album called "Towards Death" (IROO3CD) by Swedish LEGIONS OF WAR is now out !!! Relentless Old-School blackened Thrashing War Metal for all into early Kreator, Sodom, Dissection, Deströyer'666, Gospel Of The Horns !
This is a call to arms !!! 10 songs & 2 videos !!! Listen to songs on our MySpace or on - Get this album directly from us for 13 € (France/Europe) or 15 € (World) only !

Finally OUT in Europe ! "Metal Fire From Hell", the long awaited second album by HEAVY METAL Samurais HELLHOUND !!! 8 songs of pure HEAVY METAL in the 80's style that will please all true metal maniacs & beerdrinking speedfreaks around !!! HELLHOUND are rising high the flag of japanese HEAVY METAL and are coming back to raise hell !!! Feel the Heavy Metal thunder from the East !!! Listen to songs on our MySpace or on - Get this album directly from us for 13 € (France/Europe) only !

After Japanese HELLHOUND at Keep It True Festival in November'08, this is now our newly signed band VÖRGUS that will appear in another famous Metal Fest : the INFERNO festival in  Norway ! The festival will take place on the  8-11th April 2009 in Oslo/Norway ! More info about the event at : !

The long-awaited album by russian blasphemers HATESTORM is now out ! Full-colored 8-page booklet with amazing artwork & 7 songs that will totally please all into bands like ARMAGEDDA and WATAIN ! Expect cold, dirty, unhealthy, rotten & filthy BLACK METAL with a strong old-school approach ! Listen to two of the songs on our MySpace page & get sick !

Get this album directly from us for 12 € only !

VÖRGUS from Sweden are the latest band signed to INFERNO Records ! We're really glad to have them on our side, and even much more after having seen the band performing live at KAFE 44 in Stockholm - Sweden this last saturday night ! They simply gave a hell of a show - pure & raw energy ! Kinda mix of Motörhead & Venom - dirty satanic rock'n'roll !!! The hellish trio played 9 songs, including 5 to appear on the forthcoming album (called "Hellfueled Satanic Action") that are "Hell Hell Satanas", "Down In Flames", "Hellfueled Satanic Action", "Chilling Killing" and the very intense "In Metal We Trust"  ! The band is currently putting the last touches on the album recording - we'll do our best to have it out in May/June 2009 ! Don't miss that too much underestimated band if you're into dirty, heavy & louder than hell METAL !
Get Vörgusized or Die !!!

Note the band shared the stage with other swedish bands, SCOURGE and ANGREPP which did their best but the bad sound didn't help at all... and the mighty DIE HARD that was simply awesome !

Dear ladies & gentlemen, we're proud to announce the new band signed to INFERNO Records ! This one comes from Sweden and is called VÖRGUS ! This three-piece band are currently recording their new effort to be released somewhere in 2009 ! Expect dirty heavy & loud kicking thrashing fuckin'metal !!! The album will be called " Hellfueled Satanic Action" ! Listen to songs on their MySpace page! More infos as soon as possible...

Good news ! We've found an agreement with japanese label BLACK LISTED Productions to release for Europe the new album by Metal Samurais HELLHOUND, entitled "Metal Fire From Hell" ! This new album is pure fuckin'metal in the old-school way and should please all REAL METAL fans ! Date release is : March 2nd, 2009 ! This is an exclusive european release ! To be noticed the album will also be simultaneously released in North America throught PLANET METAL Records ! Songs can be heard on our MySpace page !

Also note that HELLHOUND will play at KEEP IT TRUE Festival (15.11.2008) in Germany & will also make a unique date in France (16.11.2008) in Laigneville at the Black Pearl Pub ! Pure Metal Madness guaranteed !!