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Bea had a REAL passion for the Music ! She loved music FOR THE MUSIC ! She never pretended to be some kind of "know-it-all" person. She simply loved discovering new bands and being in touch with people from all around the world that share the same passion. She had an EXTENSIVE role in creating our label ; "INFERNÖ Records". 

Groove ? Core ? Modern influences ??? Absolutely NOT !!!
Just pure headbanging Metal to break your neck and damage your ears. AXECUTER was created for incurable headbangers that live Metal in their daily lives. That’s what you’ll find here, that’s what this band is all about !

Your WORST Nightmare Unleashed !

14 years after the tremendous & classic "Iron Tiger" album, AMERICAN METAL MASTERS BUTCHER return and unleash
not only their second album but your WORST Nightmare EVER !!!

Hell Yeah - BUTCHER ! Yes ! BUTCHER from Arizona/USA - THE band that released back in 1996 the classic album "Iron Tiger"

Back to the glorious days of the NWOBHM scene when early IRON MAIDEN, ANGELWITCH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, VENOM ruled the world !!! Greek WITCHCURSE definitely perpetuate with class & talent the sound & spirit of the early 80's obscure HEAVY METAL style !

We are really proud to announce our next release which is CRUSHING BLOW's second album ! CRUSHING BLOW are one of the most talented french Heavy-Metal bands ever !!! They now return with their second album entitled "Cease Fire" !

CRUSHING BLOW will definitely impress all metal maniacs into hi-class, refined & melodious HEAVY-METAL !

TYRANEX was formed in Stockholm, in December 2005 with the ambition to sound like the old 80's heavy metal bands. At that time,  they were inspired by bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and ANGELWITCH. The first complete line-up started the development of their own style. After a while, they started to play faster and their sound became more aggressive, turning more and more into THRASH-METAL. They have high-pitched screams and unclean vocals, as well as intensive pulse-raising drums and up-speeded riffs and a pounding bass, which make them sounding way different than all the current THRASH bands around ! 

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