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TYRANEX was formed in Stockholm, in December 2005 with the ambition to sound like the old 80's heavy metal bands. At that time,  they were inspired by bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and ANGELWITCH. The first complete line-up started the development of their own style. After a while, they started to play faster and their sound became more aggressive, turning more and more into THRASH-METAL. They have high-pitched screams and unclean vocals, as well as intensive pulse-raising drums and up-speeded riffs and a pounding bass, which make them sounding way different than all the current THRASH bands around ! 

Greek metal maniacs WITCHCURSE have finally finished the recording of the first & long awaited debut full-length album called "Heavy Metal Poison" (Yes, they chose to name it as they named their demo released in 2007 !) to be released in September 2010 thru INFERNO Records !

Chilean Metal Heroes VASTATOR have completely finished the recording of their brand new album entitled "Machine Hell" ! This one will be made of 11 songs + bonus-video of the single "The Gods Give No Reply" feat. Veronica Freeman of BENEDICTUM !

We're really proud to announce the new album by bulgarian HEAVY METAL band RAMPART will be out in November 2009 on INFERNO Records ! 

Waouh, bulgarian RAMPART have been chosen to take part to a tribute album to HELLOWEEN & GAMMA RAY !
The tribute album called "HelloRay - A Tribute to Helloween & Gamma Ray" should be released in the beginning of 2010 on EPICUS Records. RAMPART covers the song "Just A Little Sign" by HELLOWEEN. 

Horns up ! We're really proud to announce we've signed a brand new band ! This one is called WITCHCURSE and hails fom Greece - Formed in 2005, this is, in our opinion, a band with a great potential ! 

Hell Yeah ! Our sixth release - VÖRGUS "Hellfueled Satanic Action" - will be out in July 2009 ! The recording is finished as well as the artwork !

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