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The wait is OVER ! The first album called "Towards Death" by Swedish LEGIONS OF WAR is now out !!!
Relentless Old-School blackened Thrashing War Metal for all into early Kreator, Sodom, Dissection, Deströyer'666, Gospel Of The Horns !

Finally OUT in Europe ! "Metal Fire From Hell", the long awaited second album by HEAVY METAL Samurais HELLHOUND !!!

The long-awaited album by russian blasphemers HATESTORM is now out ! Full-colored 8-page booklet with amazing artwork & 7 songs that will totally please all into bands like ARMAGEDDA and WATAIN !

Dear ladies & gentlemen, we're proud to announce the new band signed to INFERNO Records ! This one comes from Sweden and is called VÖRGUS !

Good news ! We've found an agreement with japanese label BLACK LISTED Productions to release for Europe the new album by Metal Samurais HELLHOUND, entitled "Metal Fire From Hell" ! This new album is pure fuckin'metal in the old-school way and should please all REAL METAL fans ! 

Here it is - the long-awaited INFERNO Records website ! Thanks to my friend Eugene, it is now a reality ! Thanks so much bro' - you once again did a hell of a job ! Everybody interested in having a real professional website should contact him NOW and visit his WEBSITE !

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