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Lady Beast is a Heavy Metal band from Pittsburgh PA. Now in its 7th year, the band has played hundreds of shows, played festivals, done tours, and sold thousands of albums. Upon hearing a recording of the band, it’s easy for the listener to pick out the band’s musical influences such as NWOBHM, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Dio, etc., but that isn’t the only influence, as the band draws heavily on the DIY ethos of the punk scene, and Lady Beast has always done everything on its own: booking tours, doing band photos, printing t-shirts, setting up shows at home, writing songs, putting out albums (released on bassist Greg Colaizzi’s label, Cobra Cabana Records), and driving the van. Anyone that has seen the band live can attest to the band’s energy, and singer Deborah Levine’s vocal ability, charisma, and love for what she is doing. 
Lady Beast is getting ready to release a new EP titled "Metal Immortal" with 4 new Metal songs in the style that the band is known for. The EP, which will be available as a vinyl, CD and download release, is also a debut for the band’s new lead guitarist, Andy Ramage. Andy is a familiar face, as he is the older brother of drummer Adam Ramage, and the two also played together in Oh Shit They’re Going To Kill Us. Andy’s style fits perfectly with the songs that rhythm guitarist Christopher "Twiz" Tritschler has been writing for the band. In addition to the EP, Twiz and Andy are writing songs for a full length, hopefully to be recorded next year. October is looking to be a busy month for Lady Beast. The band plans on releasing the EP and doing a tour with Seax.

It took time to get it done.. but NOW it's REAL !

"The Lizard Rider", stunning new album by german heavy-metal hope BOOZE CONTROL is now available on CASSETTE format !

Limited to 150 copies, comes on blue cassettes ! 

Get your copy now (of course, CD version still available !!)

Swedish filthiest & dirtiest bastards Mikke Killalot (Drums), Belze Bo (Bass & Vox), Straight G (Guitars) a.k.a. VÖRGUS reveal now the artwork for the upcoming album "White Trash Hellraisers" to be out in September on INFERNO Records and available as a first limited digipack edition CD and as a limited cassette edition !

The album was recorded at ABF Studios Jakobsberg & Solna Sound Recordings in Sweden, mixed & mastered by Mike WEAD.
Artwork by M. Vega.
Find the tracklist in the RELEASES section.
A first song "Sado Zombies" is now online and will prove you that - even 7 years after their last album "Hellfueled Satanic Action" - VORGUS are still angry & aggressive as fuck !
More infos on VÖRGUS here
Swedish Hellraisers VÖRGUS are announcing NEW album !!! 

Almost 7 years after the tremendous "Hellfueled Satanic Action" album and a line-up change, drummer Mikke Killalot, guitarist Straight-G and newly recruited bassist/vocalist Belze Bo are now ready to strike AGAIN !

The new album entitled "White Trash Hellraisers" will include 10 brand new songs (+ intro) of their particular "Dirty blackened thrashin rockin metal" style !
Release date - as well as artwork & a first song online - to follow ! Stay tuned !! 

It is now OFFICIAL !!! PHRENETIX will open for Bay-Area Thrash Metal legend TESTAMENT in their hometown Vilnius (Lithuania) on June 29th 2016 !

We (Inferno Records & Phrenetix) can NOT thank you enough for the amazing support you showed through your votes !
NO DOUBT, without YOU, this wouldn't have been possible !!!

PHRENETIX are actually rehearsing/practising like MAD to deliver their BEST show ever ! 



Hardrockers, Beerdrinkers, Sinners & other Goatworhippers ... We need you HELP !!!
HELP our band PHRENETIX (Thrash-Metal from Lithuania) to open for legendary TESTAMENT in their hometown Vilnius !!!
It is not always easy for younger bands to open for well-established bands - especially in Lithuania where BIG bands don't play that much...
That's why we need your help & hope you can vote for PHRENETIX and give'em this chance !
This takes only 2 minutes !!!
Click HERE to access to the poll & vote for PHRENETIX (you need an activated Facebook account)

More infos on PHRENETIX - click HERE