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It is now REALITY !!!
HEXENIZER's debut album "Witches Mentors Cult" is now out !!!
INFERNÖ Records is proud to announce the long awaited debut album by extreme virtuoso-metal monster HEXENIZER !!! 
The release includes 13 songs of SHREDDING SPEED METAL at its best, with huge classical music influences, highly recommended for fans of Nifelheim, Coroner, Rush ! Expect impossible-to-classify METAL, mixing progressive, classical, extreme metal influences !
Get your copy now !! CD limited to 500 copies, CASSETTE limited to 100 copies !

It's finally reality !! Long-time awaited new albums from both german heavy-metal bands BOOZE CONTROL and DEJA VU are OUT NOW !!!

Both bands are playing old-school HEAVY-METAL, however both are not sounding the same !
BOOZE CONTROL are influenced by early Iron Maiden, Angel Witch and will please fans of New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal and bands like Enforcer and Skull Fist to name a few.. while DEJA VU are more into pounding Heavy-Power Metal played with skills & class and will please fans of Accept, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Iron Maiden, Grave Digger, Paragon, and Metal Inquisitor !!!

Both albums are Now OUT and you can order them NOW !!!


After two tremendous full-length albums on INFERNO Records, swedish LEGIONS OF WAR are currently putting the last touches to their new effort, entitled "Honour To The Past" which will be a EP/CD including covers of 80's classic songs - to pay tribute to the golden age of HEAVY METAL !
Expect this new blasting release in the next months - Tracklist & artwork to be soon revealed !
For more infos on LEGIONS OF WAR, click HERE !

One more band we helped in the past with promotion and that finally will release their new album on INFERNÖ Records ! 
We're so happy to announce german BOOZE CONTROL & INFERNÖ Records have found an agreement to release the band's new studio album entitled "The Lizard Rider" ! This one will be out for April 15th, 2016 on CD first, but a cassette version is nevertheless planned to be released !

More infos on BOOZE CONTROL > Here.
More infos on "The Lizard Rider" > Here.
Listen to "Vile Temptress" > Here.

If you're following INFERNÖ Records regularly, then this band name Steel Inferno ain't no stranger to you - since we helped them in the past with the promotion of their demo and later 7"EP ! Today we are proud to announce that Danish Heavy Metal heroes Steel Inferno will release their debut full length album “Aesthetics of Decay” through INFERNÖ Records on CD. 
To be noticed LP/MC versions will be released by Deadbangers Productions in Denmark.

Guitarist Lars Lyndorff says : 
“We are so happy finally to be able to release this album. We feel that we have captured the raw and yet melodic tone that defines Steel Inferno. We cannot wait the hit the stages with the new songs. Heavy Metal is best when played live and loud. All the people who have been involved in the making and production of this album are driven by an immense passion for metal music. So we could not have chosen better partners for releasing this album.”

Expect album to be out during summer 2016.

More infos on Steel Inferno > click HERE.
More infos on "Aesthetics Of Decay" > click HERE.
Listen to "Flashing Reality"

Well .. Another GREAT news to share with you, metal motherfuckers !!! 
If you're a bit into the old-school Thrash/Black genre, you surely know that french legendary band called MANZER ! 
We're very pleased, honoured & excited as fuck to announce you INFERNO Records will be releasing an exclusive CASSETTE version of their brand new album "Beyond The Iron Portal" - and that this one will also include an exclusive bonus-song that is a bombastic cover of "Wasted Years", originally composed by Adrian SMITH for the mighty Iron Maiden !
The complete tracklist & artwork can be seen HERE !
And you can find more infos (as well as a new song - "Prepare Your Soul To Die" -  for streaming !) on MANZER on our BANDS section - HERE !
Release date to be soon announced - stay tuned !