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Hey Metal MotherFuckers ! We're super thrilled to announce we found a great deal with US fanzine THRASHDANCE - we're now up to distribute their issues on a regular basis !

We have good news for you !
The new single "Never Surrender" by Peruvian Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA is now online ! The band proves it's still growing stronger & stronger !
"Never Surrender" features new vocalist MARIA (also singer of STROGENA) - enjoy her vocal range, we're sure Maria's gonna nail you all !

Serbian all-girl band JENNER announces Nevena Ilic as their new permanent bass-player - some months after Mina Petrovic left. Nevena is an accomplished musician, performing for years in many other local bands... her talent & passion for HEAVY METAL music is not to be proven anymore !

We´re very proud and honoured to announce this new band to join our cast!

Hailing from a cold and freezing city in South America, AMBITION is here to reinforce that brazilian underground scene is not only about extreme metal (speed, thrash, death, black, etc)... Yes !!! The nostalgic "denim and leather" spirit of the late 70´s & early 80´s also lives somewhere deep in the land of samba and football !!!

Shortly after their well-acclaimed debut album "Waves of Steel" was released, peruvian Heavy Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA parted ways with their singer Fatima Natthammer - which was a shock for most of the band fans.. Today we can reveal the identity of their new singer ! Make sure she's gonna push the band further, her vocal abilites are not to be proved anymore, since she's known for being the singer of the peruvian all-female band STROGENA.. please welcome Miss Maria ORITHYA in the ranks of MANDRAGORA !

Time has come for us to re-release JENNER's debut album "To Live Is To Suffer" on a limited VINYL edition ! 
Limited to 300 copies, you'll have the choice between regular BLACK wax (200 copies) and ORANGE wax (100 copies) !

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